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ngx_mruby mod_mruby performance

hello world simple benchmark, see details of blog entry.


What's ngx_mruby

ngx_mruby is A Fast and Memory-Efficient TCP Load Balancing and Web Server Extension Mechanism Using Scripting Language mruby for nginx.

# location /proxy {
#   mruby_set $backend "/path/to/proxy.rb";
#   proxy_pass   http://$backend;
# }

backends = [

r = Redis.new "", 6379
r.get backends[rand(backends.length)]
# Unified Ruby Code between Apache(mod_mruby) and nginx(ngx_mruby)
# for Web server extensions.
# Apache httpd.conf by mod_mruby
# <Location /mruby>
#     mrubyHandlerMiddle "/path/to/unified_hello.rb"
# </Location>
# nginx ngxin.conf by ngx_mruby
# location /mruby {
#     mruby_content_handler "/path/to/unified_hello.rb";
# }

Server = get_server_class

Server::rputs "Hello #{Server::module_name}/#{Server::module_version} world!"
# mod_mruby => "Hello mod_mruby/0.9.3 world!"
# ngx_mruby => "Hello ngx_mruby/0.0.1 world!"


As the increase of large-scale and complex Web services, not only a development of Web applications but also an implementation of Web server extensions is required in many cases. The Web server extensions were mainly implemented in C language because of fast and memory-efficient behavior, but extension methods using scripting language are proposed with consideration of maintainability and productivity. However, if the existing methods primarily intended to enhance not the implementation of Web applications but the implementation of internal processing of the Web server, the problem remains in terms of speed, memory-efficiency and safety. Therefore, we propose a fast and memory-efficient Web server extension mechanism using scripting language. We design the architecture that a server process creates the region to save the state of the interpreter at the server process startup, and multiple scripts share the region in order to process fast when the script is called as internal processing from a Web server process. The server process frees the global variables table, the exception flag and the byte-code which cause the increase of memory usage mainly, in order to reduce the memory usage and extend safety by preventing interference between each scripts because of sharing the region. We implement the mechanism that can extend the internal processing of nginx easily by Ruby scripts using nginx and the embeddable scripting language mruby. It's called "ngx_mruby".


under the MIT License: